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【ガンダムBF】wimp (Sky Flight DNB Reboot) - BACK ON ft. Lil’ Fang from FAKY

After a month of finished this remix, I can upload it now. Hope Youtube won’t kill it right the way.

Thanks for all the comment of last BF remix I did! Now having the OP2 remixed and here you go!

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DJs who like to use the track or people who want this remix, contact me through: skyflightmusic (at)


Coming out next week!
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Sky Flight returns to Pulsar Recordings delivering an overly emotional and uplifting trance track whose journey lasts for more then ten minutes. Tears Of Life starts with a bright intro, revealing a tiny portion of things to come. Solid beats soon take over and we are off to another world of magical melodies and fairy tales, where the heart of the track causes melancholy, but then it miraculously lifts our spirits high and fills our hearts with joy till the very end.

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